New Construction

One Force Construction has been building for over 15 years throughout Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. Having completed over 20 ground up commercial construction projects,

One Force Construction has the experience and expertise to get your new construction project done on-time and on budget.

One Force Construction uses cutting-edge construction processes allowing us to deliver each and every time. Whether your project is big or small, One Force Construction can provide you with the new construction services needed for your new project to succeed.

Why One Force Construction is different


One Force Construction values collaboration between all team members and is recommended on all of our projects to ensure the most successful build.


An accurate estimate, based on well-defined project criteria, is the key to maintaining project performance and long-term cost control.

Value Engineering

Our project team will determine the best value of each project design feature, material selection and system performance.

Sub Selection

Our 15-year relationship with the most prestigious subcontractors provides the highest quality of work for our projects.

Project Controls

Our Building approach has incorporated several key systems that allow for the successful execution of any project – regardless of size, type, complexity, or location.


Beginning during preconstruction, the schedule is our communication tool between all project stakeholders to clearly define each activity and milestone.

Field Operations

We continuously train our field personnel; ensuring that the project is managed and guided with the most technical skill and knowledge available to the industry.


We take this seriously. Communication of expectations and daily monitoring begins in preconstruction and carries through even after the project is complete.